Many of our clients come to us because they require a durable athletic surface.

Athletic & Sports Turf in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Athens, & Surrounding Areas

Durability, an 8-year warranty, and IPEMA certification make our artificial turf the ideal surface for indoor or outdoor athletic activities.

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We install artificial turf for heavy athletic use in Atlanta, GA, and nearby areas such as Marietta, Athens, and Villa Rica.

Over 30 years of engineering has gone into our unique and durable artificial turf, which can handle the wear and tear of sporting activities.

We receive many requests for bocce ball courts from our customers in Atlanta

We have been engineering professional quality artificial grass designed to handle the wear and tear of sporting activities, practices, and games since 1987. Our specially trained installers undergo a rigorous program to ensure the quality of our unique and durable product.

At ProGreen Synthetic Turf, we guarantee our fake turf with an 8-year warranty for heavy athletic use, with no need to mow, fertilize, or treat soil. Our installers are available in Atlanta, GA, and will travel as far east as Athens and as far west as Villa Rica.

Athletic & Sports Turf Products

Three Tough Artificial Grass Options for Sports Fields

Playground Extreme, fake grass for athletics.
Playground Extreme
Agility Elite, tough artificial turf for sports fields.
Agility Elite
Agility Elite w/ Foam, tough and soft synthetic grass for athletic fields.
Agility Elite w/ Foam

IPEMA Certified Synthetic Turf for a Variety of Athletic Surfaces

Our professionals come equipped with the knowledge and experience to install our fake grass product for a variety of athletic uses. ProGreen turf has been certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), which evaluates synthetic turf and playground surfaces for safety should a person fall and strike their head or another body part.

Our ProGreen artificial grass with ProFlow technology (patent pending) applies to the following sports surfaces:

  • Indoor Soccer
  • Running Tracks
  • Flag Football
  • Batting Cages
  • Indoor Training Facilities (including padded shock absorbency)
  • Football Fields
  • Baseball Fields

Our artificial turf protects against injury from falls and is also durable—it comes with an eight-year warranty for heavy athletic use.

Our Uniquely Designed & Porous Artificial Turf Allows Maximum Drainage & Diffuses Heat

Indoor athletic fields in Athens benefit from our turfs' IPEMA certification.

ProGreen’s specially engineered synthetic turf is porous by design and mimics natural grass with our ProFlow technology. Our system can manage up to 400 inches of water per hour! Water is dispersed through a system of pores built into the artificial turf inlay, allowing quick shedding of rainfall or water sprayed during cleaning.

Typical fake grass designs used through the greater Atlanta, GA area, which includes areas like Milton and Canton, are only rated at 60 inches per hour and are often punctured to allow for water flow. The holes can become clogged and eventually fail to provide drainage. Our synthetic turf can handle 4 to 5 times the water to render a more efficient turf that remains functional and usable year-round.

Heat and additional moisture are diffused by our absorbent organic greenfill inlay, which keeps the surface cool.

Made in the USA with Special Dual-Polymer Design That Lasts Against Contact with Cleats

Our durable athletic turf is being put t the test by this girls' soccer game in Alpharetta

Science is at the core of our durable product. Designed to provide the most natural non-reflective look, our athletic surfaces stay green indoors and in the shade.

Our athletic surfaces are made in the USA using a special dual-fiber polymer that is superior to the standard monofilament structure of standard synthetic grass. Our always green installs can withstand the stress of heavy sports play and contact with cleats. Professionally installed to specifications, our turf requires less maintenance than natural grass applications, and is easier to clean than other standard synthetic surfaces due to superior drainage capabilities

Call to schedule an athletic surface installation done by our team of certified installers!

At ProGreen Synthetic Turf, we’ve spent over 30 years installing artificial turf that can take a beating with minimal maintenance needs. Our certified installers are ready to schedule an appointment to install the ideal athletic surface in your facility or outdoor field in the greater Atlanta, GA area, including areas like Cartersville, Milton, Alpharetta and other nearby communities. Call us at (770) 766-4282.

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