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Project Case Study: Artificial Turf Installed at an Alpharetta Home

Project Case Study: Artificial Turf Installed at an Alpharetta Home

At ProGreen Synthetic Turf, we’re in the business of making your residential and commercial properties look great all year round. So when this Alpharetta homeowner called us to come improve their yard, we were glad to do so. Check out some of the photos below!

Increasing Size of Grassy Area

Before, this home had a small grassy area and most of their yard was overlaid with pine straw. When a yard is hilly and sloped like this one is, it’s harder to control soil erosion and get grass to grow evenly.

We came in with our artificial turf product and were able to increase their grassy area size by an immense amount, giving them a surface that they can maximize for playtime for both their children and pets.

Our fake turf also boasts superior drainage, which means it’s the perfect choice for hilly properties such as this one. With our products, the homeowners won’t have to worry about soil erosion or muddy hillsides.

Our synthetic turf can drain up to 400 inches of water per hour.

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

The artificial turf we installed at this Alpharetta home will stay green under all conditions.

Our synthetic grass was installed to beautifully supplement the new outdoor living space that the homeowner recently added. Their custom fire pit goes along nicely with our always-green fake grass and will give them a space they can enjoy for years to come. ProGreen’s products come with an 8-year warranty and can hold up even with heavy foot traffic and lots of use.

These homeowners now have an amazing yard that...

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