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How Your Sports Facility Benefits from Fake Grass

How Your Sports Facility Benefits from Fake Grass

The popularity of fake grass or artificial turf in the sports world has been growing steadily over the past several years—and for good reason! With low maintenance and high durability, synthetic grass offers long-term savings that are unmatched in the world of athletic surfaces.

As an organization, school, or municipality you may wonder: how your sports facility benefits from fake grass? The answer is threefold: savings, safety, and simplicity.

Fake grass offers long-term savings with no need for irrigation, lawn maintenance, or fertilizer.

This soccer field in Atlanta was made with ProGreen fake turf.

The initial cost of fake grass installation more than pays for itself in the long run. Sports facilities often hire landscaping professionals to manage the many tasks required to maintain healthy natural turf.

Here are a few costly items artificial turf WON’T require:

  • Fertilizer treatments - To maintain great looking, durable grass, sports facilities hire lawn care specialists to provide regular fertilizer treatments.
  • Irrigation - Adequate irrigation is needed with natural grass, which requires professional installation and equipment, including maintenance and repairs.
  • Water expenses - To provide adequate irrigation, organizations will rack up a substantial water bill.
  • Lawn maintenance - Sports facilities cannot allow grass to become overgrown, weed infested, or diseased. For perfect turf on game day, an entire groundskeeping crew will need to visit the field for mowing, weed control, fungus,...
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