Many businesses in our area of Georgia are making the wise choice to swap from natural grass to artificial grass for their business and community centers. Synthetic turf looks just like traditional grass and offers several benefits over natural grass.

From low maintenance and operation costs to increased durability, fake grass is the wisest option for businesses that want to save money and time on lawn maintenance. Here is why your business in Atlanta, Athens, Sandy Springs, and the surrounding areas needs fake grass.

Fake Grass Is Low Maintenance

Our company's synthetic turf for an indoor golf course in Athens, GA.

Synthetic turf requires very little to no maintenance, unlike natural grass, and is ready for use immediately after it’s installed. Lawns comprised of natural turf require prep time before and after planting grass seeds, as well as significant attention and care throughout the year.

If your natural lawn frequently sees high levels of foot traffic, the upkeep is even greater. Every couple weeks your natural grass must be mowed, fertilized, aerated and so on. Bugs, pests, and lawn diseases are very common among natural turf and require frequent pesticide treatments. These pesticides often run off lawns and drain into surrounding water sources, contaminating the water. Artificial grass is much more environmentally friendly as it doesn’t require any harsh chemicals or fertilizers, and requires no lawn care or maintenance services to keep it looking good throughout the season.

Fake Turf Is More Durable Than Natural Grass

Business benefit greatly from artificial grass as it’s much more durable and versatile than natural turf. When natural grass receives high amounts of foot traffic, its appearance and health begins to degrade. As time passes, certain areas wear down more than others, the lawn develops holes and becomes uneven, and it begins to look patchy and brown. Artificial turf is extremely durable and able to hold up against even the heaviest foot traffic. A natural lawn gets beat up by kids, pets, and other people constantly running around on it; synthetic turf not only handles the traffic but continually provides hours of enjoyment without ever showing any wear and tear.

Our company’s synthetic turf is a great alternative to natural grass for businesses wanting to save money and time on lawn maintenance.

You Can Save Water & Money

Our company's synthetic turf in Sandy Springs, GA.

As a business owner, you can save a significant amount of time and money by installing artificial grass. Fertilization and frequent watering eat up valuable time and money. Natural grass fields require an astounding amount of water, quickly racking up a high water bill each month. Synthetic turf has excellent water drainage, draining up to 400 inches of water per hour using our company’s special ProFlow technology. Artificial grass requires no irrigation, saving businesses and communities thousands of dollars annually. According to the Synthetic Turf Council, if you choose to install artificial turf for your business, you can take advantage of special tax credits and rebates.

In addition to saving on your water bill each month, synthetic turf completely eliminates the need to hire a groundskeeping crew to keep your lawn maintained. This saves you money each month on traditional lawn maintenance costs.

Want to save money for your business?

For over 30 years, ProGreen Synthetic Turf has been providing and installing high-quality synthetic turf for businesses in Atlanta, Athens, Sandy Springs, and the surrounding areas. All our synthetic turf is IPEMA certified and backed by an 8-year warranty guarantee. Call us today at (770) 766-4282 to learn how our synthetic turf can save your business time and money.