Our synthetic turf is pet-friendly and durable.

Dog & Pet Artificial Turf in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Athens, & Surrounding Areas

Our synthetic turf is IPEMA certified to prevent injuries, eliminates the need for lawn maintenance, and is able to handle waste from dogs, cats, and other lawn pets.

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We install artificial, pet-friendly turf in the greater Atlanta area, including areas like Athens, Marietta, and Alpharetta,GA.

The ProFlow drainage system of our artificial turf allows water to naturally drain quickly, which gives it the capability to handle waste from dogs and pets at kennels, dog runs, dog parks, and more!

Synthetic turf installed at a doggy day care and kennel in Athens, GA.

Many homeowners and business opt to provide a natural-feeling surface for dogs and other pets to romp around and possibly relieve themselves on. More and more businesses are becoming pet-friendly, which leads to the need for a realistic surface capable of handling waste and rough play.

At ProGreen Synthetic Turf, we pride ourselves on our specially engineered synthetic grass with our unique ProFlow drainage system that allows for water to naturally drain at high volume levels. Our fake grass is certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). We deliver and install our artificial grass to areas that include Atlanta and Sandy Springs, as well as other communities in the region such as Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Marietta, and Athens, GA.

The most common uses for our pet synthetic turf products include:

  • Residential lawns with pets
  • Pet kennels and doggy daycare facilities
  • Dog parks and dog runs
  • Pet-friendly businesses

Our Pet Turf Products

Two Options for Dog-Friendly Fake Grass

K9 Deluxe 60 - Artificial Turf For Dogs
K9 Deluxe 60
K9 Champion DF, Fast-Draining Fake Grass for Dogs
K9 Champion DF

Our Pro Flow Drainage System Outperforms Other Artificial Turf Systems

We have spent the last 30+ years designing and installing artificial turf for homes and businesses alike. In that time, we have taken what we have learned and produced a product that is entirely in a class of its own with regards to drainage performance!

Naturally grown grass or sod installs rely on nature to absorb or dispel excess water from heavy storms. Our porous turf simulates the natural process, allowing excess water to sink beneath the surface at high rates.

Our ProFlow Drainage system has been tested to successfully manage 400 inches of water per hour! Other turf systems pale in comparison, with roughly 60 inches per hour being the average.

When hosing off your ProGreen surface, there will be far less concern over damage or flooding with our unique drainage system. This means your dogs and other pets won't be walking around in muddy, wet lawns anymore.

Our fake turf has superior drainage, so your lawn will be cleaner as pet waste will drain much more efficiently.

ProGreen Turf Uses a Dual-Fiber Polymer That Offers Durability & Simulates Real Grass

Our product comes with a warranty, which varies depending upon the application. For all pet-turf installations, an 8-year warranty comes standard. However, our turf is known to last up to 15 years!

ProGreen's artificial grass is designed and engineered using a special dual-fiber polymer made and manufactured in the USA! Other turf products are generally composed of monofilament materials which don’t adequately simulate real grass.

We’ve spent years in the industry and know how to create lasting artificial turf. Dogs and other pets can run around on our surfaces without additional maintenance concerns arising.

The surface remains cool with natural water absorption through our organic greenfill inlay. Precious paws won’t be burnt--even during the heat of the summer.

Pets are members of the family and can benefit from a quality artificial lawn installed by our trained and certified team members.

Call for a quote on a dog and pet-friendly artificial turf installation for your home or business.

At ProGreen Synthetic Turf, safety and quality are our top priority. We install dog and pet-friendly artificial grass that lasts and eliminates the need for mowing, fertilizing, and lawn maintenance.

Call (770) 766-4282 today for a quote if your home or business is located in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Marietta, and other surrounding areas that include Johns Creek, Alpharetta, and Athens, GA.

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