Our artificial turf is utilized for many playgrounds in the area.

Playground Synthetic Turf in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Athens, & Surrounding Areas

Our specially trained professionals will install our natural-looking, IPEMA-certified artificial turf for your school, church, or park playground or play area.

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IPEMA certified, dual-fiber polymer artificial turf for playgrounds in Athens, Canton, Marietta, and across the wider Atlanta, GA region.

Avoid mulch that is splintery or surfaces that do not diffuse heat by installing our specially engineered synthetic grass for playgrounds. Our artificial turf has also been certified for safety and falls.

Playground in Marietta, GA with our IPEMA Certified safety turf.

Playgrounds are often filled-in with splintery mulch or surfaced with other synthetic materials that create an unnatural look and become hot in the beating sun. Our fake grass product is engineered to diffuse heat, shed water, and is certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) for reduced risk of injury during serious falls.

We apply our artificial turf to playgrounds throughout the Atlanta, GA region, that includes Milton, Cartersville, and even areas like Athens and Marietta.

Playground Turf Products

The top artificial grass for safety.

Optimum Play DF, IPEMA Safety-Certified Synthetic Playground Turf
Optimum Play DF
Playground Extreme, IPEMA Certified Fake Grass for Playgrounds
Playground Extreme

Safe & Natural-Looking Synthetic Turf for Playgrounds in Churches, Schools, & More

Our artificial turf product allows children to safely play, swing, and slide without worrying about pesky ant bites or getting dirt in their shoes. ProGreen artificial grass is designed to stay green and natural-looking in the shade or direct sun. Your organization or school will reduce maintenance and avoid the expense of re-sodding after kids have run and played in the grass.

For playground installs, we offer a variety of safety assurances and an 8-year warranty. Our durable fake grass comes standard with IPEMA certification to guarantee safety. On top of that, we offer layers of padding beneath the synthetic turf to help prevent injuries during falls.

Depending upon the height of your equipment, we offer 1 or 2 inches of extra padding with every playground install. We can also color the surface to match designs and play area themes.

Our safe, attractive synthetic playground turf is commonly installed in:

  • HOA Play Areas
  • School Playgrounds
  • Church Playgrounds
  • Municipal and County Parks

Our turf is IPEMA certified to protecct against falls, which means children are less likely to sustain injury while playing on our surfaces.

Over 30 Years of Engineering Resulting in Superior Drainage, a Surface That Stays Cooler, & Reduction of Maintenance

Our synthetic grass being used at this playground in Atlanta, GA

In over 30+ years of service, ProGreen professionals have developed cleverly engineered products that exceed the typical drainage standards of other synthetic turfs.

Many other fake grass products use holes punched at intervals along the surface, only draining roughly 60 inches of water per hour. We’ve found that to be inefficient when heavy rain and cleaning take place. Our product is porous, which allows even shedding of water and avoids the clogging problems common to other synthetic turfs.

The result is less need for maintenance due to damage caused by flooding and pooling of water. Playground installs often endure heavy foot traffic and friction from running and playing. With superior drainage, our artificial grass can help maintain safe footing for children at play.

Some artificial playground surfaces absorb heat, become hot to the touch, and even radiate additional heat upward. These conditions can make children uncomfortable as they play. Using a technology called ProFlow, our synthetic turf product can shed up to 400 inches of water per hour. 

Our fake turf has an organic green fill inlay that absorbs moisture and keeps the surface cooler for little feet and hands.

Dual-fiber Polymer Engineered to Endure Heavy Footwork, Reduce Abrasive Contact, & Minimize Injuries

IPEMA CertifiedOur play surfaces are tough enough to endure the heavy footwork of professional athletes wearing cleats. Made in the USA, the specially designed dual-fiber polymer used in our fake turf is forgiving on ankles and knees during play and engineered to prevent injury during falls.

With an extra layer of padding, your playground will have a surface soft enough to reduce scrapes and burns from abrasive contact, while minimizing the chances of fall-related injuries.

All of these safety features combine with a pleasing natural, sheen-free look to create an ideal artificial turf surface for kids to enjoy.

Call for a consultation on artificial turf that is ideal for playgrounds.

At ProGreen Synthetic Turf, we have a superior product ideal for playgrounds, installed by professionals who earn certification through the manufacturer. For an artificial turf with a lasting, natural look, and unmatched durability, call (770) 766-4282 today in Atlanta, and the surrounding areas such as Johns Creek and Canton. We would be happy to consult with you on your artificial turf needs!

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