Our synthetic turf is used for many residential purposes, including as a replacement for lawns.

Residential Artificial Turf in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Athens, & Surrounding Areas

We offer realistic artificial/fake grass for residential home lawns in the Atlanta area. This option provides a maintenance-free and always-green lawn all year long!

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Homeowners in the Atlanta, GA metro area can have that perfect lawn year-round with our artificial turf for residential properties.

The artificial lawns we engineer use a system that offers consistency year-round that standard lawns cannot.

Artificial turf installed in the backyard of a Atlanta, GA home.

Even with proper lawn care and irrigation, discoloration and inconsistent growth often occur. Our system is engineered to raise the stakes, bringing a clean, groomed look to areas that are frequently trafficked.

Our artificial grass provides residential clients a clear advantage when compared to standard lawns by offering the consistency of greener outdoor areas year-round in Atlanta, and other surrounding areas such as Sandy Springs and Alpharetta, GA.

Residential Synthetic Turf Products

Three Realistic Fake Grass Options For Homeowners

Natural Real Supreme, fake grass for homeowners.
Natural Real Premium
Natural Real Supreme, tough artificial turf for residential use.
Natural Real Supreme
Natural Real Platinum, the most realistic synthetic grass for homes.
Natural Real Platinum

The Advantages of Choosing Our Patent-Pending Synthetic Turf

Homeowner in Marietta, GA with a full fake grass lawn.

The benefits of choosing synthetic turf are numerous. Our residential fake grass product is engineered to withstand up to 15 years of use and is specially designed to look natural without a reflective sheen. Our artificial turf is also certified by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), meaning it's safer and sees less injury.

Other advantages of our patent-pending ProFlow technology are:

  • Stays green in fully and partially shaded areas
  • Allows easy clearing of pet waste
  • Drains consistently with our porous backing
  • Provides a softer, cooler option for pool decks
  • Absorbs water and keeps turf cool with our organic green fill inlay

Our artificial turf is warrantied to last for 15 years for residential use so you get a lawn that lasts, with minimal to no maintenance.

Create Sporting Areas on Your Property Such as Putting Greens, Grass Tennis, & More

Many residential clients enjoy private sporting areas on their property, such as a putting green or a grass tennis court. Organic grasses require high levels of professional upkeep to maintain the desired length and texture. Artificial turf from ProGreen is certified by the IPEMA, which provides guidelines on the safety aspects of turf and artificial sporting surfaces. Our synthetic turf is designed for heavy wear and can be installed to perfection for home sporting areas, including:

  • Grass Tennis
  • Pickleball
  • Lawn Cricket
  • Putting Greens
  • Bocce Ball Courts

Our Porous Drainage Technology is Superior to Standard Punched Turf

Our ProFlow technology is porous and includes a layer of organic green fill inlay, which allows for adequate drainage and natural absorption of moisture. The result is a stunningly consistent artificial turf which requires little maintenance.

Other companies that specialize in residential artificial grass punch holes at set distances throughout the installation. This method causes drainage issues, which can include flooding and puddling.

Our product can withstand up to 400 inches of water in a single hour while still providing proper drainage. Superior shedding of water allows for easier cleaning and the ability to withstand heavy rain. Other competing fake grass products are generally rated for just 60 inches per hour and have been known to clog and completely lose their ability to drain.

Our turf's superior drainage helps make sure water doesn't stay on your lawn and also reduces pet waste sitting on your grass.

Made-in-the-USA Turf Uses Professional Sports Inspired Engineering

Putting green installed in the backyard of a Sandy Springs, GA home.

We’ve spent the last three decades engineering and testing our product. Synthetic turf designed and installed by ProGreen is proven to last over twice as long as other turf products. For residential use, our artificial grass is warrantied for 8 years, but can easily last up to 15 years!

Residential clients benefit from technology derived from the world of professional sports, where grass and turf sciences are studied to perfection. Our product is made in the USA and uses a special polymer of much higher quality than the typical monofilament materials used in the industry. Our professionals undergo a rigorous training program to guarantee the proper protocol and installation processes for our artificial turf are followed.

Call today for a consultation on perfecting your front and back yard with our artificial turf.

Homeowners looking for green perfection in the front and back yard living areas of their homes in Atlanta, Athens, Sandy Springs, GA and the surrounding areas can call (770) 766-4282 today for a consultation! We perfect outdoor living areas with our fake grass and would be proud to assist you in perfecting yours.

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